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Neon Tide

A Cyberpunk Visual Novel

Neon Tide was the first game we created.  Production started in Oct. 2017 and was released Sept. 16th, 2019. There were 3 main goals for this game:

  • Use 3D software to differ ourselves from a traditional 2D visual novels.

  • Add as many visual and audio assets as we can like a playable movie.

  • Show we can finish the game and release on Steam.

Even though these goals may have seen simple, having never made a visual novel before, there were many obstacles to address and overcome. We not only achieved what we set out to do but also were able to showcase our work at a number of Expo's.

To other creators who find themselves struggling, the best advice we can give is to keep going and push yourself to finish. We promise the feeling of completion far outweighs the struggles.

A Night In Kyosaka.jpg

This is a game made in 2020 when covid took over. We wanted to make a Ghibli-inspired visual novel. A mix of "The Cat Returns" and "Spirited Away". HAving a lot of backlash from Neon Tide, we wanted to add elements that Neon Tide didn't have, such as:


With the help of our friends, we recorded voiced, animated the 2D characters and shopped the demo around before releasing it on Steam and itch.io:


Sadly we couldn't secure funding for this visual novel, so the demo is as far as we can take it. We really loved making this game and we hope if you played the demo, you also enjoyed it.